On the front of this website it indicates that we developed all the information contained within this site.  This is strictly not true.  For us to be able to write all this information we must stand on the shoulders of those you have gone before us. 

We first had to learn the information ourselves, use and refined it until we found what worked and what did not.  Though our trials and mistakes we were able to build up a wealth of useful, effective information that is extremely valuable to any business person who wants a better business. 

Our tutors were people like Michael Gerber, Alan Weiss, Jay Abraham, Henry Ford, Richardo Semler, Daniel Goleman, University Studies, Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Bill Meyers, Jim Rohn and many, many others, if fact, to many to mention here.

We hope that this program provides you with the material which will make a real difference in your business and ultimately, your life.

It’s not what you know, it’s what you do with what you know that counts!